Dealing with a man who has never been in a LTR?

When I say never I mean not since college and we are in out early thirties now.

Things that come naturally to people who have been in a relationship don't for him. We've made progress and are communicating better, mainly he isn't as afraid to tell me no sometimes and express what he wants to do. Instead of one person planning the dates and the other just going along we decide together.

But it my question is, is it supposed to be this hard early on? We is very anti-confrontational so we only disagree maybe once a month but it stresses him out when we do. For me I'm just like as long as it is t the same problem and we are just letting each other know how the other is feeling it's all good.

But I worry being in a relationship is going to get too hard for him and he'll bail. Is there any hope of two people inexperienced in LTR making it work?


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  • deciding together is hard?

    • No deciding together is easy and a big improvement I think for both of us. Before he would just go along with whatever I wanted then resent me. Now if I invite him to something I'm doing with or without him he isn't afraid to say no. And then when we agree to go on dates he is much more open about what he thinks we should do.

      This is one of the things we are doing a lot better at. I love it because it makes me feel warm inside that he is putting forth the effort and also that he is becoming more comfortable with me.

      I guess any time a man is putting in effort it is a good sign he wants it to work out?

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    • or maybe his threshold should remain the same since he's a man and you should submit to him as a women. battle the world together but don't battle him.

    • I don't battle him.

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  • Sure. It all starts with open, honest communication.


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