He and my best friend are dating?

I met this boy when I got to know him more I fell for him.The problem was that he had a girlfriend who didn't go to our school. A week passes and they break-up, I taught I had a chance and tell him my feelings. The Next Day I Find-Out That he and my best friend are dating. the reason why he broke up with her other girlfriend. I was sad because she knew that I liked him and she becomes his girlfriend. they are dating and I don't know what to do. Should I just forgive her for dating him. Or find someone else.


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  • Well I was in the exact problem last year and tell you the truth I was pretty upset at my friend, its nice that she talked to you but it wasn't nice of her to date him when she knew you had a thing for him.Its "supposable" a girl rule you can't break but they do it.But I say sort of forgive her get the full story though sometimes gurls lie.But if your friendship means a lot to you move on there's many guys out there believe me ALOT more you just haven't meet them.

  • first of all I don't think your friend should be dating him unless she asked you first, what I think you should do is show that girl that your a little upset, she obviously doesn't really care if your upset.don't forgive her until she really gives you a reason to actually forgive her

    • Well I found out on Facebook when she wrote it as her status "i love him". and he liked it and they relationship status showed them together. Then my friend hit me up on aim and was on my side and felt really bad for me. she told me that they have been datin longer then that, they finally told people. so he was cheating on his girlfriend also. I think I should forget about him but I can't get him out of my mind.

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