I have a crush on a guy-- he's a 6'4" football and basketball player and super cute. Problem is, I haven't said two words to him. What should I do?

We're both seniors and we cross each other's paths a couple times a day at school. I catch his eye sometimes and catch him staring at me, too. Homecoming is in just over a week, so I'm not holding hope for that, but I really want to get to know him!


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  • I would introduce myself to him (yes i would look cute as i talk to him to show him i am interested in him) then i would talk about how good he looks and make small talk as i do that give him hits of the dance then finally ask if he is going with anyone if not i would say why not me and you? If he do has a date i would just say cool see ya ! With a smile on my face... good luck !


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  • If someone of your friends are friends with him, let them introduce you in a non-awkward way. If not, you go and talk to him. Don't feel embarrassed to talk to him because believe me, he's gonna want to talk to you too but obviously he's too shy to do that. If sometimes you catch him staring at you then he's definitely interested in you but to shy to start a conversation. so you take the first step and see where things might go.