Girls, Do you think she wants to go out again?

I had a great date with this girl last night. This morning I sent her the following text (for context she had a funny story about squash, not really important)

Me: Happy Friday! I had a great time last night, even if you ruined squash for me forever. I'd love to get together again soon ;)

She resonded about 30 minutes later with this:

"Happy Friday! Hah hopefully not forever, squash is the best! I had a really fun time too! Thanks again for the delicious vino :) "

My concern is that she didn't reference hanging out again. What do you think?


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  • Well ideally at the end of a first date if you both think it is going well that's when you make plans for the second date. You don't have to pick a place or anything just casually say, 'I had a good time you want to do it again?' If she says yeah we should do this again ask her what she's doing on x-dat next week.

    If she hedges and doesn't give you another day she is available then she probably isn't interested.

    If she says yeah that works then be like cool I'll text you next week to pick a place.

    Given your current situation it is hard to say but what do you have to lose from asking her? I'm kinda on the fence, she might be waiting for you to suggest a date.

    But I know personally if I have no intention of seeing the guy again I always end the date with a polite thanks for the drink, thanks for showing me this place, thanks for the good company.

    I want them to know I appreciate their time and effort but it is probably obvious there just isn't a spark and won't be between us when I say this. Still though if you're in doubt wouldn't you rather no she not interested as opposed to maybe passing up someone you think has potential?

  • Just because she didn't mention it, doesn't mean she doesn't want to go out with u again. :) From her text, sounds like she likes u & she had a good time. I mean what girl wouldn't want to go out again with a guy she had a good time with. :) Ask her out and see what she says. That way u will know if she's up to going out again. Hope this helps. :)