Is it wrong for me to have this feeling towards Italian/Italian-American women?

I just have this very huge preference for Italian and 1st-generation Italian-American women. I just love how very nuturting, maternal, ladylike and protective they are of their men. Not to mention, they're not only ladylike and sweet but they can also be pretty brave when it comes to looking after their loved ones.

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  • Nothing wrong with that at all. It's just something that you like more than others. :)

    • Yeah. Right now, I just feel like giving such a very strong hug to an Italian girl right now and cuddle with her in bed. lol

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  • You have a huge... "preference" for them eh? hahahaha

    • Okay fine, to drive my point across a little stronger, I'll say that I have a very huge thing for them. lol

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  • no , you just prefer Italian women


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