Is online dating rigged against Indian men due to stereotypes?

I've never tried online dating before and probably never will, because it's not my cup of tea. However I've read in many forums that when it comes to online dating, Indian men have the highest rejection rates among all races. When I searched for reasons, most common cited reason were:inexperienced, weird chat behaviour, not attractive, etc.
What do GAGers feel about this?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • No more than regular dating.

    • I mean compared to to others in online dating scenario. As I stated, the stats look as if it is negatively biased towards Indian men.

    • Right I would expect those stats to be representative of the actual population. If someone is filtering by race online they certainly aren't going to be more open to dating that race in any setting. I think Asian men have it the hardest. Stats I've seen show that basically the only women they were winning with was other Asians.

Most Helpful Guy

  • It all boils down to this - If the man is good looking, he'll be successful with online dating, irrespective of his race.

    Yeah, there is this stereotype about Indian men being 'ugly, dirty, perverted rapists', but we wouldn't even want to date people who consider us that way even if we had a chance, right? They aren't worth it.


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  • I don't think it's rigged, I wouldn't say stereotypes are entirely to blame either. Accepting other people's preferences is the first step to dating success.