Should I try to establish a connection or go for someone with instant chemistry?

I've recently noticed that girls I am attracted to, I usually don't have any connection with them whatsoever. I have to try and get them to talk and find topics of discussion which is very difficult. However with girls that I'm not attracted to, the conversation flows naturally and I don't even have to try. I'm just 100% me and I'm not worried about anything. It feels good and I want that in an attractive girl but they all seem closed off.

Do some girls just need a lot of time to open up?
How do I get attractive girls to open up?
Should I go for average looking girls just to date (for experience and fun) even though I would never sleep with them?

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  • I would give them both a chance. What is wrong with average looking girls? Most beautiful girls are pretty average without tonnes of make up on and yes they have mastered the technique of making themselves look natural with a lot of make up. Just don't over think things and try not to be shallow. Maybe one of those average girls will be the best thing you ever had. Or maybe the pretty girl will show you they aren't just a pretty face. Trust your gut on this one :)

    • The problem with average girls is that there is zero physical attraction.

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    • Some men do like the challenge

    • I don't mind a slight challenge but I need to know that she's interested and I'm not wasting my time.

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