How to tell him I need some space without hurting his feeling?

I've been dating this guy for almost a month now, he's so sweet and I really really like him; however he's texting me 24/7 and he wants to see me 4/5 times a week!! It's not like I don't enjoy his presence but I'm an introvert and I appreciate some space and being alone for a while, I tried to hint that I don't like chatting or talking on the phone that much and he said me neither it's just the only way we can communicate throughout the day, I don't know how to tell him that I need some space and that we shouldn't be talking 24/7


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  • I think you just be upfront and honest with him. Tell him you really like him, but you enjoy some "you" time. Just be polite and to the point. He should understand.

    Hopefully he'll happily oblige, but if he doesn't... Meaning, if he starts pouting or tries to sell you on why he "has" to see you, then you should pay attention to that as well, because if you're feeling a bit smothered now and fails to see how that can ultimately turn people off, then you should proceed with caution.

    Good luck


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  • I am going through something similar. There is a guy who seems to like me and he literally texts me all the time. I told him gently that I am not available and I have other stuff to do. I can't always be by my phone 24/7 for him. Maybe you should explain the situation to him as well?


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  • "I lke you, but, I need space, you're crowding me".

    It may sting a little bit, but, it tells him that you're in to him but that you need your space. If he can't respect that, after you tell him, it's time to rethink the relationship


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