What the hell does this mean. Girls opinions?

Ok, so I recently opened up to a girl I like and she has said these things before she knew I liked her but here is when she repeated it for like the fifth time only adding the finding somoene and falling for guys like me:

"I'm positive that you'll find someone else out there that makes you exceptionally happy and is worth how an amazing person you are, cause honestly you're probably the greatest guy I know and sometimes I feel stupid for not falling for someone like you"

and it's not only girls who I like who say these things to me. WTF does this mean... I get this from like every girl minus the whole someone who will make me happy and falling for guys like me part. I would really appreciate a girls pov on this. What does it mean! Am I just a "nice" guy? Thank you so much :)!


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  • It means she thinks you are an amazing guy but she isn't attracted to you. She doesn't want anythibg more than a friendship.
    Reason for this might be that she already has someone she likes, she doesn't find you attractive, you are not her "type" (your personalities and interests don't match) or you are a pushover (nice guy).


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