Girls, Should I Text Her Again?

So I met this girl about a month ago. Really clicked instantly. We've pretty much have talked everyday since then. Flirting, general convo, even sends me pics without asking. A lot of good signs in my opinion. Until a couple nights ago. I was out with some friends for his birthday and decided to text her. It was just about all the crazy things that happened that night and we had been talking that day already earlier. She asked me how it was and didn't see how I can go to work hungover, etc. She sent me that at 630am. I saw it, but was half asleep still, so decided to wait until later at work to reply which I did around 10am. She never responded and I didn't hear from her all day yesterday or today.

So should I text her or should I cut my losses and move along?


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  • You replied last. Wait for her to text you again. She will.

    • This may or may not drive me insane. I'll give it a shot though. Thanks for the advice.

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