Would you ever date a guy shorter than you? or taller (if you're a guy)

Girls would you ever date a guy shorter than you?

How about guys would you ever date a girl that was taller than you..?

there's this guy he likes me a lot he great has an amazing personality and in the little time I know him he's won my confidence and has done so much for me. I am pretty tall and he's a lot shorter than me. he's told me how he feels and I am starting to like him because his personality but I can't get past his height! would it work? have you ever dated a guy shorter than you or a women that is taller than you if you are a guy...

no I'm a senior this guy is already in his 20s he's not growing anymore I don't think unfortunately


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  • I'm really short (5'2") so nearly all guys are taller than me (wouldn't have a problem with a shorter guy either). But if a guy doesn't date a girl just because he's not taller than her then I would say he's got a size problem and a self esteem issue. If your in middle school girls are taller guys. Guys start passing us up in HS.


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  • Sorry I couldn't tell since Under 18 leaves a broad spectrum.

  • Yes - my boyfriend is a little shorter than me and if I put heels on - forget it! I love him and have for the past 5 years! Give the boy a change - do not judge on looks... or height shall I say :)

    • You kind soul, you! Just like my girlfriend, she's also taller than me, and with the high heels, it really is hopeless.


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