Why would me girlfriend cry after I yelled at her? I didn't say anything bad, do you girls do this?

Me and my girlfriend got into a dispute about something or dinner at her house. She was yelling at me and then i simply yelled back and said "your cooking sucks, tastes like dog food, please dont cook again". Now in reality it's actually good, but i said it to make her stop talking lol. Then all of a sudden she like began weeping and started to cry.

Did that little thing really bother her that much? I said it as a thing to make her stop talking lol. She does love to cook though.

Should i say sorry even though she yelled at me for 95% of this convo?


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  • Well yeah, you should apologize. She should also apologize, for yelling so much. That was a pretty shitty thing to say (though I laughed for like a minute straight). You should also explain why you said what you said, I think that's important. Otherwise, what if this kind of misunderstanding happens again? It might lead to other problems.

    • yeah i will also say sorry and also get her flowers. Her cooking actually very good. I will also tell her i meant it so that she would stop arguing and her cooking is good.

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  • Just apologise and tell her that her cooking is really good. You only said it to make her stop yelling at you, so yeah just tell her that

    • yup i will and get i'll get her flowers

    • Aww flowers! Haha yeah that's sweet, good thinking man 😁👍🏽

    • i'll surprise her today

  • Well you hurt her feelings that why she cried. Even though its not true , she has it now planted in her head that her cooking sucks and she isn't much of a woman

    • Well her cooking really doesn't suck, everytime she makes something new it's actually good. I guess i'll apologize for that

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    • thanks

  • You both have to apologize and tell her you didn't mean what you said.

  • ok now your just an ass if you dont realize what you have done

    • making fun of someone isn't a way to stop an argument especially if what you say is really mean

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    • its not abandon but FEELING abandonment

    • I see what you mean now. Sometimes you girls can be really sensitive (not saying its a bad thing), but if it was my friends, he would not care. I'am at fault so i can admit that.

  • Just apologize., don't get slick and say it's ur fault, u were yelling at me

    • i'll just say sorry to her, her cooking is actually good

    • That's not you told her. So it's gonna be hard to believe

    • well today i will get flowers and surprise her. I guess she takes her cooking seriously. I does actually taste good, when she makes something new i really do like it, i sometimes pretend no too.. just to get a reaction from her lol, but it's good food. I'll try my best to tell her, her cooking is great.

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