Girls, what can I do about my girlfriend?

How do I tell her I cheated on her without angering her or making her want to yell at me or slap me? I met another girl who I have a lot more in common with, is social as I am, and we hang a lot. I even kissed her at a party. the other girl and I were in tears when we fell for each other, but could not have each other. My girlfriend is stressed by midterms and does not need to hear I cheated. She said that if I ever cheated , she would sting me with a hard slap.


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  • There's literally no way you can tell a girl you cheated on her without making her angry

    • how can I avoid getting yelled at or slapped?

    • avoid getting yelled at... you have likely no chance there, she'll most likely yell..
      avoid getting slapped... stay a considerable distance so that you'll be able to see when she goes for it , but i wouldn't blame her for slapping ya, cheating is horrible and now that you've done it, you have to go through all this

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  • you're a dick that's what lmao you deserve it

  • Cheating is just breaking up with somebody and seeing how long it takes them to notice... You have to face it and end it.

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