Why do guys hate me because of my hair?

i never really understood it and i actually have been to the doctor multiple times saying the same thing "your hair won't grow pass your ear" they are are still trying to find a diagnosis but they do know its not major like cancer but everytime i tell a guy the situation they say "aww to bad for you" or "youre smart funny nice kind and talented but hit me back when you can actaully grow your hair" and it takes a toll on my heart and my self esteem and selfworth has gone below negative 0
i always feel im not worth being alive living or happy and it has gone to the fact that i have had to have therapy and all of these guys have no idea how painful to hear they think of me as ugly and unattractive for something i literlly can't do but go to the doctor and cry about
most of the guys i know that rejected me because of my hair have texted me (due to missing school days for being depressed) have asked "hey whats up haven't seen you today are you okay" like they didn't even concider or listen to the BS they said to me and asked like i wasn't affected by it at all... tragic i just dont know what to do with myself especially me having a long line of self doubt and no self love/self worth/respect/or no self esteem and im just recently starting to try to accept my breast because they are big (double D's) and i had insecurities with it thinking no guy would like my big boobs and only ever liked small perky a and b cups and im still kinda depressed on that but it is (almost) wearing off of me after many years
but other than that im so torn with so much of this hate and just lowing my self esteem every second of the day:( please help!!!
brief info:
i do dress very girly
i wear makeup (tasteful/not to much) -- it would actually be hard to assume i was a lesbian especially with double d's
im a A+ B+ student who plays sports (softball, volleybal, soccer)
im actaully really nice (what i have been told atleast)
and i love art and writing and i guess creative in a way
so basically the problem is i just dont have long hair and i can't understand if a guy can't look pass that 1 thing and focus on the positive aspect of the other great qualities i have besides my hair i mean am i really doomed forever for just not having 1 thing the media and guys want?
can't they at least be happy im smart or whatever do they want long hair THAT bad where they can't accept other great positive aspect besides folicles and blood cells?


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  • Yeah, guys look past that. Some guys like short hair. I have a difficult time imagining this is a deal breaker. I'm guessing the guys you are mostly around are still quite young. Those same guys will eventually grow up a bit and realize things aren't always what they make them out to be.


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