I feel that If I get into a good relationship, they will eventually leave me for someone better?

This has happened to me with the two people that I've been in love with, they left me apparently for someone whom they claim was better, and I was left broken hearted and forced to move on confused. I've dated this guy on and off, and he's been in a relationship with other girls showed them to his mom, but never even complimented me once. Apparently they must have done something I'm not doing? I'm usually not insecure but I now like someone else & I fear this may happen again. This guy I suspect likes me and I like him also, yet he talks to my friend more comfortably and I've never been easily jealous I feel there's that chance he might learn to love her if I decided to date him.

I feel like I'm not confident enough, not that fun authentic girls guys look for, but I feel if they did they'd be happy to be with me, I'm funny , I at least consider myself attractive, and I have my passions. I'm just initially shy.
What I'm looking for I guess us advice for what I'm feeling, and how to clear this baggage and enter a relationship without these insecurities


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  • Just because it happened 2 times, it doesn't mean it will keep happening to you. What type of guys do you usually pursue?

    • I don't really like them first, usually they tell me they like me but never put any effort afterwards

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