Guys Please Help I have a question for you, Is he getting serious About Me, Does He Feel A Lot For Me? What do you guys think?

Guys Please Help I have a question for you, Is he getting serious About Me, Does He Feel A Lot For Me? What do you guys think?

We are longdistance from each other right now, we stay in contact through social media (I first met him when I was in his town)

Things he has done

he intiates contact everyday
he has said things to me such as- i'm happy to have such a great person like you by my side
and will kiss your lips forever

We spoke on Wednesday for 2 hours

Tonight he sent me a photo he took for me of a rose while he was out

I said I was going back to see him couple of weeks before he asks me everytime we speak have I booked my ticket yet
I said tonight I was coming maybe with my mum, but obvisiously would be seeing him alone, and he said, I want you here alone (just to clarify we have never slept together and i've always put him in his place that I'm not that type of girl to just sleep with him, or anyone for that matter) I eplied saying but I would be seeing you on my own, so would be alone then. he messaged back, so most of the time together i'm serious. I replied I don't want to be on my own while you're working. he replied listen I want you here alone, I work only 8-9 hours a day, so will be able to see you everyday. I replied to that aww I want to see you everyday too, I would like that very much too.

Was my last message an ok reply to his,

Does he seem like he's getting serious about me, is he really into me, do you think he's falling for me?

What do you guys think?

I got another message from him later saying this

I'm just confused, I don't know. You suppose to be with someone.
Always your mum or friend.
So I am just thinking this between you and me
You don't have to push someone to come with you


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  • You stupid fucking bitch. Only a small minority of guys only want "just one thing". But you stupid bitches are always chasing asshole douchebags like that so you think that the majority of men are like that.

    How many fucking times do I have to say it?

    No, not all men are only interested in sex, just the asshole douchebags that you find yourself attracted to are.


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  • I think those are signs that he likes you. He probably wants to see you alone though, not with your mother or your friend. He wants to exclusively enjoy your company.


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  • He's currently in that lust, almost love state aka insanity
    where you have a chance to kindle this hot coal into a fire
    via short weekend visits alone