I told this guy I liked him and he didn't respond back?

I've known this guy for a few months and decided to finally tell him I liked him. Sent him a text and he asked "which way" did I like him and I said more than friends. He never responded after that but I knew he saw it. Should I just leave it and move on? And if he never responds back, what will I do when I see him at school?


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  • I just read it has only been about an hour. You need way more patience than that! Give him some more time and don't be so quick to give up. I commend you for having the guts to express your feelings for him, good for you! I am sure he is just processing this new information and will get back to you when he is ready. For the time being, just maintain a positive attitude!


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  • Yeah that's not a good response. I wouldn't talk to him for a while. He obviously doesn't like you else he would have told you right then. Just be normal at school, don't act any different and be the better person. Find someone else to focus your attention on, good luck!


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  • How long has it been since you told him?

    • Probably around an hour.

    • I would give it at least a day. If he hasn't responded then I would try texting him again. Probably something like "Sorry if I scared you off. I just thought you should know." Best of luck.