Guys, Nice Man, Good first date but I am having trouble reading the whole thing?

Hello guys, I am not young but my last boyfriend was younger than me (29), I have been dating with younger guys for a while, and maybe that is why I am having problems reading this man. We met in a dating website, and got along pretty well. He is 43, young looking widow, that takes care of his kids and house on his own. He made clear he wanted to meet up with me but said weeks were crazy with work, sports of the 2 younger kids (coaching one of his kids team) and school meetings. We texted daily and he calls everyweek, what was good. After three weeks we finally matched our agendas, I was also busy the weekend before when he wanted to met, and then we had a very nice first date last Sat. We talked all might, laughed, and spent 5 hours together until the restaurant were almost closed. We hug and kissed, just a naive kiss goodbye not making out. I texted him next day saying I had a nice time with him. Since then we have been texting everyday, and he called me twice this week, we talk around ten minutes on the phone while he is driving to one of the kids activities. I did not mentioned about meeting up again, he did not too. So I am not sure if he enjoyed, if he wants to meet up again but doesn't want to push. Younger guys with no family are more direct, and make their point right away, it has been I while I don't go out with family older man.


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  • I think it has just been really hard to get this relationship off the ground with all the timing issues so much that now you both are hesitant to go for it. So basically, go for it! Ask him for another date!

    • Probably you are right, we are both very busy ad it was kind of slow to finally meet up. I usually have no problem reading man, but I was not sure if he liked it or not because he was not mentioning anything about seeing me again, but he calls me and answer to all my text right away, so I kind of got a bit confused. I just don't want to insist on someone who is not into me. I understand he is a dad, and has a very busy life taking care of several kids and participating actively of their lives, so that must be a limitation.

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