I like this dude at my school?

Ok, I am wrong for thinking looks don't matter. today I saw a cute guy. And I noticed myself talking to him and offering him food for no reason at all but I liked his face and butt. And wanting to see him in skin tight jeans. I realized he had a girlfriend and I congratulated them both. But a part of me wants to pray to god that they break up. Because I like his face and butt. That's the only reason i want him. I still talk to him and be nice but I fee like I'm selfish and dumb for only wanting him for his outer appearance... What if this girl cares about more then just how he looks? I'm not going to sexually hasse him or anything like that. But I wanted to but I can't because he's dating now and I stand by my morals. And girls are always around him. And most girls say he's cute. I wanted to change how he dresses and I want him to ignore all the loud girls and guys and sit with me and my friends. ( so I can be noticed because I am quiet) but he likes loud people... Even his girlfriend is loud. :(


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  • 1. Guys like him don't necessarily like loud people. They are just so popular that loud people are the ones they ever get a chance to notice.
    2. he's in a relationship. You can do nothing about it. But if they break up, Id suggest that you should try to get to know him more. And maybe tell him about your feelings towards him
    3. As for skin tight jeans, just simply tell him (in a manner of compliment) that you think he'll look great in skin tight jeans. I can bet $100 that he'll at least try wearing them once!


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