Would you be ok with your boyfriend/girlfriend being friends with their ex?

As long as neither of them have feelings for each other still obviously or anything like that?


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  • It depends.

    How long ago did they date? Does the ex have ties within the friend group? How serious was the relationship?

    Example: My boyfriend has an ex girlfriend. I have absolutely no issue with them hanging out. Why? She was in his friend group from age 7. They "dated" when they were 12. Obviously the relationship was not serious. They also broke up when they were 12. He and I started dating when he was 16. So that's already 4 years out from that "relationship" and she is good friends with everyone else in the friend group. Like, she's not going anywhere lol

    Now, if it were a case like that, guess who's the bitch when the SO is told not to talk to the ex? That's right, that'd be the boy/girlfriend, not the ex. :P If the ex came from outside the initial friend group and they actually had to make plans to see each other and hang out... that'd be different.


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  • I wouldn't be ok with it at all. It is just not possible to be 'friends' with an ex, because some feelings will ALWAYS remain as residue. In such case, I would just ask her to choose either me or him. She can't have both.

    • You don't think after awhile, a relationship can be a regular friendship?

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    • what if they were close friends before dating?

    • Still, I believe that once their feelings towards each other had been 'upgraded' to something more, it is just not possible to be downgraded completely to friendship again. This is one of the main reason why some people refuse to date friends in the first place, fearing the loss of a good friendship.

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  • Not okay! No