Why hasn't the girl replied back to me?

Here is our last couple of messages

Her: I'm at the mall. I'm waiting on my friends :)
Me: Sounds like you're having a blast
Her: I just wasting so much money on clothes ;_; I'm not having a blast
Me: Cloth+receipt+return line =Profit?

5 hours later
Me: Yo

What did I do? Why hasn't she reply back to me? It has been 4 hours already. Today is my second day texting her but she always responded back in 1-10 minutes. What happend? Can someone explain?

She told me she lost interest. I don't know what happend


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  • I'm pretty sure she is busy living her life... Not all people are on their phones all day waiting to text people especially if she is busy with her friends.


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  • She just do not know how to reply to your statement.

    • But I message her again with Yo, at least she can reply back with something

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    • When she told you that she lost interest, how did the conversation go?

    • Like I ask her "Am I bothering you?"
      She :"Nah, you're not bothering me. I just lost interest :p"

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  • I don't know, but maybe she didn't like his you told her to take it all back? It seemed slightly insensitive and possibly made her feel more guilty/irritated aka you made her irritated. But it depends what type of girl she is: there's a good chance she doesn't care and had just been busy living her life. It's not that big of a deal. But if she is upset, that's probably why.


What Guys Said 1

  • hey bro relax, girls do that often to not seem available always or not appear desperate or clingy , just relax , she will reply...
    dont send another message, just wait, she will reply back...