Should I start dating other ppl?

Last week he told me he is taking this week off work as he needs a break, he said he need to be alone to recharge. He hasn't decided where to go yet but he wants to go meditate with no contact to outside world.

Last time I saw him was Monday, he text me everyday and called on Thursday just to say hi (he said I'm the only person he enjoys speaking to on the phone, he never initate calls wtih anyone)

however he hasn't make plans to see me at all this weekend. I know he is busy with helping his dad out on Saturday day and then a birthday to go on at night. I'm not liking his lack of effort. He text me once today but sent me 2 game app requests during the day.. he probably was busy but had the time to play games here and there, just not to text me...


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  • ... He text me everyday and called on Thursday...
    I feel with his "Break" he may have been taking one in which it included just himself with his game plan here, dear. Although he wants you in his life, has Not put you on a back burner of No contact, this is something in which sometimes a man needs to do, to have some space without a girl's pretty face.
    He is making 'Effort,' and just because it may not seem he is because of the weekend deal, I feel it is not a total wash out nor a raw deal, he will be back in good standards in no time, is just taking this Time To recharge.
    Good luck. xx

    • I guess my mind about his break is different. I though it break as it he literally be out of town. He is still I town so I was still expecting contact.

      Anyway I will just take it as him started his break.

      Can you take a look at this also? It happened last night.

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    • Oh, so welcome.:)) xxoo

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  • Woah ! The guy only takes a week off and you are already replacing him?

    • Sorry I probably should have made myself more clear. He is physically still in town. He could have made an effort to see me before he heads off.

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    • Hehehe. I guess...

    • Two birds one stone. Urrggg don't comment when you are tired

  • MLG anonymous Replace him for game request after 1 week of not seeing each other.

    • Read the entire question again

  • Yes. You seem a bit too demanding and too needy.

    • He hasn't fly off yet how is this demanding? I just don't allow him treat him like a doormat

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    • Guess what? He ended up contacting me and paid for taxi for me to go see him. I cannot understand this guy at all.

      I will keep your opinion in mind. Treat thighs like lesson so if things don't go well I won't get burn... As much

    • Sometimes men just feel too much pressure from many sides. I hope things go ok for you. Keep me updated.

  • What's the problem here?


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  • If he isn't committed to you and doesn't seem to have a idea of when he will be ready then yes you should absolutely think of dating other people. You can't pull all your eggs in one basket. The risk is too high and you could miss out on someone who is more suitable for you.

    • We are dating exclusively. Met his friends but not his family.

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    • @Asker
      "Do you have camera phobia or something?" Lol No...
      "I didn't say send me a pic to proof you are at work."
      Sorry then, it sounded like it. Especially after you said One stone, two birds and asked me if you should trust what a man says.

      "He never said he wants a break from me"
      Seemed like he didn't want you to be there or talk to you. that's not just a break from work, that's a break from you too.

      "You can not even reading it correctly and you wonder why you got downvote"
      The quality of your English in this simple sentence explains why I did not understand you perfectly. I am not trying to make fun of you. English might not be your native language (it's not for me either), but I hope you can understand why I may have misunderstood you a bit.

    • "He never said he wants a break from me"
      Seemed like he didn't want you to be there or talk to you. that's not just a break from work, that's a break from you too.

      may be next time learn to ask questions before you jump into conclusion by dropping smart ass comments. The guy wanted a break from work and EVERYONE he knows. Also there was no need for you to harass other GAGers to convince them to see your point. That is just lame

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