Is he ignoring me or is he just busy?

My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for 1,5 month and everything really is great! We clicked from the moment we met and last time we saw each other we talked about more personal stuff and I was also surprised when he remembered things like; What shirt he wore the first time we met, or, A certain thing I said in a sentence once.
During the last week and a half he have been doing this really demanding work thing that I know is really important for his career.
During this week and a half I have sent two messages in messenger, and yes, he's read them and he hasn't replied to either.
He has never been much of a someone who likes texting, he told me that from the beginning and that he often forgets to reply.
But.. two separate text messages in a week and a half? Couldn't the man just answer ONCE?
His absence really scares me because there has been absolutely NO sign of him feeling less attracted to me in any way. And suddenly - not even a one word message.
Should I be worried? Should I wait it out a bit more?


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  • I'd say wait it out a bit more till he is at a less demanding point in his job. Then you can tell him that you didn't like him being absent and would have appreciated him making some time. It's not difficult to spend 2 minutes texting someone. Nobody is ever that busy so he can't really have a excuse. With that said, I doubt you should be worried. Some people get so absorbed into their own bubble that they forget about their loved ones. It happens quite a lot but that doesn't make it OK. Just wait it out a bit and then bring it up because you also deserve to be happy and in a relationship you give and take. He can't not make a effort just because he is a bit busier. Everyone can make time especially if they know it's important to their loved one.


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