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My ex boyfriend whom I dated for a while, texted me on Facebook yeserday for the first time in months. He asked for my number and I responded if he meant to ask me that or if that was meant for someone else, he said he meant to ask and I said why, he said he wanted th call me sometime. He also sent me a picture of the Valentine's Day card I got him...8 months ago when we were together. I really need to make sense of all this. I never lost feelings for him I just want to know his logic and if this means he wants to make amends and get back together.

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  • He may be hinting that he's not over you either. It all now depends on what exactly you want out of all of this?


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  • A
    together again only until he's not so lonely anymore, then once he has his fill
    he'll revert back to the guy you don't miss & remember why it was OK not to be with him every day


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  • I think you're getting a little too old to still be dating.

  • Your a booty call. He hasn't gotten laid in months and needs some easy pussy.


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  • be very cautious - something has probably gone wrong for him and he's reaching out for something that was good in his life.

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