How long does it take you to like someone/want to date them?

So several hours ago this guy and I are agreed to start dating after knowing each other for roughly 4 weeks now (met up twice)
He told he wanted to date me ever since he met me, I asked my bro and he said "I'm not surprised plus I was expecting this sooner, besides it doesn't take long for someone to like someone else"

Is this too soon? How long does it take for you to like someone and have a desire/want to date her/him?


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  • I'll know after talking to someone for a few days if I'm interested enough in them to keep talking. It probably takes me a few weeks to decide if I actually like them.


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  • Pretty quickly, most times you know right away , I never heard of it taking that long unless they were just friends for years

    • To someone pretty quickly? Or my situation is quick?
      Hmm true usually guys who like me tends to be friends with me first so feels a bit weird and unusual for me haha

    • I don't want to be stuck in the friend zone so I'll want to date them right away if I like them

    • Hmm cool thanks

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