Do you think he will ask me out? Very short question in need of help?

There's a guy that I like and we recently told each other that we like each other, but what happens now? Tomorrow we are going to hang out, but with two of his other friends. He just randomly decided to invite me a few days ago. Anyway what should I do? We text each other a lot, almost 24/7, but we've only known each other for 3 weeks. He also teases me a lot, and we flirt with each other over text messages. So.. What should I do?

This is his third time inviting me the other two times I couldn't go. And I'm really wondering if a guy would ask a girl out around his friends?


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  • Well in case he doesn't, there's nothing stopping you from asking him out yourself.


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  • You should hang out with him and his friends. He might wanna introduce you to his friends.

    • I'm already close friends with one of them but I'm meeting the other one (there's two of them)

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