Why won't he hang out with me?

Im talking to this guy and he mentions hanging out and how he can't wait to see me, but everytime i ask him to hang out he ignores it or ends up working late or has to get his kids. He says he wants to try with me & that this is a big change for him but its a good chnge that he's open to. I invited him to a party in 2 wks and he said he's going, but we haven't even hung out face to face yet, we only text. Why the hell won't he just hang out w me?


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  • I have a very similar problem, I know how shitty it feels. I've been texting a girl for 6 weeks or more cause I haven't had a girlfriend and am kinda desperate to experience a relationship lol. Thinking of telling her how I feel about her lack of respect, despite her texting me regularly. My only advice is keep looking for others, cause people who won't commit dont deserve the other person to waste so much emotional energy on them.

  • have you tried asking if he is scared of meeting you face to face?

    • No i haven't m. Im trying not to be pushy but its frustrating. He has no kids this weekend and he hasn't asked me to hang out once

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    • I invited him to a party in 2 wks he said he'll go. A big part of it is his kids, he feels he can't balance us both and that itll be a problem

    • have you tried arranging to meet him and go out for a day with his kids to?

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