Do I keep trying or just give up?

I've been seeing a guy casually for almost 4 months now. We both really like each other (well, at least he tells me he does) but he left the country 3 weeks ago to travel. He told me he promised we'd still talk and things would be fine while he's away, and that we'd see each other when he came back. Only issue is, I've spoken to him once since he left and that was two weeks ago now. I did drop him a message a few days ago just asking how things were but I've heard nothing.

I don't want to seem overly clingy or anything but it is bothering me a little bit now. What do I do? Keep trying/waiting?

I do really adore this guy and I would love for things to work but realistically, what's the chance?


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  • You've invested a good amount of time with this guy. The communication of the frequency of contact, while he was gone, was probably not specific. I'd say keep trying. Better communication going forward.


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