To message him or not to message him?

I've been dating a guy for a month now things were great. Then I brought up the topic if he wanted to call things a day of understand as he had pulled away. He ended up getting a bit annoyed I think as I think he thought I was rejecting him. I gave him space & texted him 2 days after in a banter message, I also apologised if I had pissed him off. He said he wasn't pissed off just found it real weird & random. That was Tuesday.

I havebt messaged him since & he hasn't been in contact either. He did say in his message his signal was hit & miss as he's away for 2 weeks on a business course. & says he isn't giving me the silent treatment at all. Do I wait till he's back to message him? Which is in a week? Or message him now? Have I given him enough space or do I let him come to me? He's hardly been online on anything either.


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  • It's better to communicate if you want to keep him. Something simple like, I was thinking about you and hope the training is going well.


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