She gave me her number without me asking. Help?

So I've only seen and chatted with this girl twice, yesterday being the second. She works at a coffee stand and while my drink was being made, we had some back and forth. After I got my drink she said she was almost off work and I offered to smoke a joint with her (she smokes) but said she had dinner later with her mom, and said she would give me her number without me even making mention (good or bad?), I actually wasn't expecting that! So I sent a text about 45 min later when I got of the road to tell her that I liked her coffee and only got one reply an hourish later... granted she was probably still busy and it was at night. I sent one this morning telling her to have a good day at work. When you give out your number do you do it for a real purpose?

Also people say that most just do it to be nice or can't say no... It doesn't make sense to make it fake especially if you know where they work and can confront them about it... I'm not saying I will do this, just observation.


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  • well she made the first move on you. what´s bad about that?

    • Just that she hasn't responded back lately. I know we all have lives and such. Just don't know when the best time to text her or how to start it

    • just be casual. ask her how she is and if she want´s to hang out or something. or just chit chat.

  • I wish i was as lucky as you are.