I'm worried my boyfriend and I don't have anything in common. What should I do?

he's really into Star Wars, I've never seen them, he's really into soccer, I don't watch sports, he's really outdoorsy and athletic, and I'm athletic, but not as much as him. He and my friend have more in common than we do. I'm really scared that they would be a better couple than us :( I don't know what to do.

so if they get along really well and he said that he liked her and some of my other guy friends does that mean that he would prefer to just be friends with her?


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  • Having things in common has almost nothing to do with having a successful relationship. Opposites attract.

    • Very true, me and my current girlfriend don't have much in common. She tries to do things I like, which means a lot to me and I do the same. Although, having some common interests certainly does help, but not necessary if you guys simply enjoy being around each other.

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