Any opinions on what I should do from here?

So there's a girl that I really like. I ended up asking her on a date. She told me she wasn't interested in dating right now. Does that mean she's not interested in dating at all or does that mean she doesn't want to date me or is not interested in me personally? And should I try again in a few months or completely give up?

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I would like some actual comments on why you voted what you voted. Is saying she's into into dating right now a euphemism for saying she's not interested in me but said in a nicer way?
She's not*


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  • I'd say move on for now, but definitely don't discount having her as a friend, if you really like her that much. You never know, she might end up being one of your best friends, or she might happen to change her mind about dating you in the future. But either way, if this girl is really special to you, it's worth being around her.


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  • Its a bit complicated since she said she wasn't ready to date it could either mean she isn't ready to date of course or it could have been a nicer way to reject you. For now just move on.

  • the only time I've ever said anything like that is to let someone down gently.


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