Is it possible for ex's to be GOOD FRIENDS?

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A guy I'm currently interested in dated this girl (he was friends with prior to) for about a year then they split but remained friends? Except when he started dating someone else she unfollowed him on social media... then a few months later he broke up with this new girl and the ex and him started to be on good terms again/she re-followed him on social media? Is this cause they're good friends again or cause he's back with the ex?


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  • Depends on how long they stopped being friends for, after they dated.

    • He broke up with her but they were still following each other, and like 2 months later they were still liking each other's posts and stuff. but he started dating someone new a few months later and she unfollowed him (he still was following her while he was dating the new girl)...

    • Well yeah, there has to be a break after dating for it to be friendship. Sounds like the break took a while, but came eventually

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  • He probably wants to get back with his ex. People can't be just "good friends" with their exes: one of them will always be there waiting for something more to happen.

    • he broke up with her though... & she obviously was still into him but they were friends despite that
      and the new girl he was with cheated on him a few months in so they split up.
      so i can't figure out if they're back together now or his ex just learned to be friends with him now?

    • Personally, I wouldn't approach a person who has an ex for a friend. It's like going straight into the cheating.

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  • I can never be friends with my ex.
    Not sure about others.

  • He's still talking to her because he still has feelings for her