Is it a bad sign if he doesn't send me a text after our first date :(?

we decided to watch Hotel Transylvania 2. The day before the movie, I asked him if we should meet in the mall. and he asked me how I was planning to go and I replied by train. He offered me a ride but I declined and so he said that he would meet me in the station.
When we met in the station the next day, it took us some time to get a smooth conversation going because we were both shy and took us some time to actually plan an outing together (he only asked for my number the day I suggested a movie). We do not know each other before this and only played the staring game for 3 months.
So once we reached the mall, we talked... laughed and all of that. I asked him the price of the movie but he said he forgot. And told me I dont have to pay back. But then I offered to pay for the popcorn... however, the lady asked me if I have small change and I didn't at that time and so he said its ok he will pay for it. then I offered to buy lunch however my bill tore in my purse and so I COULDNT PAY!! T. T i just hope he doesn't think im dong this on purpose.
anyways.. during the movie.. he didn't seem nervous like how he usually was and was laughing and talking to me during some parts of the movie.
We shared food during lunch and then continued to walk and talk for the rest of the date.
when it was time to go home... we crossed the road together as he parked his car in my neighbourhood (he always does before going to work even) but didn't walk me home because he had to meet up with his friends and head to a wedding dinner after that although there was still time in between.

Everything went well.. but honestly, I didn't feel the same sparks as i did before this date. Should I ask or hint for a second one?
After all of that, he didn't text me back until today. Its been maybe 15 hours since the date and he hasn't said anything. Is this a bad sign? Why do you think he hasnt? I'm 19 and he is 27

oh yes.. there were awkward silences too though... most of the time i had to break the ice but he did a couple of times


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  • It has only been 15 hours, so I wouldn't worry about it. Give it a few days and see if he asks you out for another date.

    • im so stressed and heartbroken about it right now though because the internet says that he will text back right away if he enjoyed the date and during the date.. he hasn't mention about the next one. like we should do this together.. that together

    • Every guy is different, though. If you haven't heard back from him within a week or so, he's probably not interested. Until then, you just don't know.

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