Should I bother contacting him to apologize?

I was seeing this guy briefly and we really connected. Things were going so well until he completely blindsided me. The day after a fabulous date, he tells me that while he really likes me, he isn't over his ex. Owning up to my actions, I can say that I definitely overreacted. I expressed how much I liked him and how hurt I was that he would lead me on. At the time it was heat of the moment (I had gotten two other horrible pieces of news around the same time and had trouble handling it all at once). I told him I would never contact him again, and that was that. I truly regret my actions and miss him. I would honestly rather have him in my life as a friend than nothing at all. It has been a little over a week since this happened. Should I contact him to apologize and explain why I acted that way?


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  • Send him a text letting him know you overreacted and hope to be friends. If he wants more he'll let you know.

  • i think you should

    you dont want to sit there thinking about what could happened or "i wish"

    i mean whats the worst he can do just be like can we talk