I'm so scared, what shall I do?

So on Friday-(recap) I told my friend who I had a crush in who kept. Talking about it to my other friends who accidentally made some boys overhear it and in maths kept telling my crush and his twin brother that I liked My crush and they said that my crush said maybe I don't know To go out with me.

And so it's Sunday right now and tommorow I'm gonna have to face my crush, his brother and all my friends. Thinking about tommorow and about. My crush and Friday is really sending butterfly's into my belly. I'm really scared me and my crush won't be just casual friends if he says no and because of everyone asking him out for me which I did not want then to do. And if we do become a couple and break up what will happen to my friendship with his brother and himself. Do you think he will ask me out on Monday. If so do you think I should say yes or no?


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