Asexual people, when you are in a relationship, do you expect the other person to put up with no sex for life?

I'm dating and asexual girl, The nicest girl I ever met we went on a few nice dates and we have kissed and all but when I found out she asexual I was confused because well Sex is important in relationships and she might be the best girl in the world but if the relationship is never going to lead to sex I don't think I can handle that peronally.

I feel weird when I kiss her cause she tells me "she doesn't mind it" so I get confused. I need to know this so I can decide whether to leave and not waste her and my time or stay


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  • I don't think they do. Most understand enough that they're the outliers and that sex is an important thing in relationships for other people, so they may do it with you for you unless they actually had an aversion to sex. Just from reading your description, I think this girl's more neutral than negative about it.

    • I mean she does enjoy spending time with me and I def not push for sex or anything but we have kissed and I try to be respectfull of their sexuality (I picture this kinda like a gay person trying to be sexual with a straight person, its just disrespectfull)

      I mean I AM willing to wait for some time for sex but not my whole life. She's not into open relationships weve disccused this and she says sex is an important need of the other person.

      as for kissing she says she likes the fact that I like it... this is confusing

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    • I guess its to early to make assumptions so I'll give it some more time and I'll as her dirrectly when we are more comfortable talking about it

    • Ok. Good luck.

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  • It's confusing me too, why would an asexual person even bother dating? You could just be friends with people since there is no desire there

    • my thoughts exactly, she's a nice girl and trust me any guy would love her as a girlfriend but no sex for life I can't deal with

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  • Hey, that's what asexual is all about. At least you know now instead of later.

  • She should at least be expecting you to be dating other women, or cheat. I mean, you can't go through relationships without sex (unless you don't plan to have a baby)