Love triangle disaster? Help?

So I have been chatting to this guy, going out on dates with him and going for coffee for about a month and I mustered up the courage to tell him I had feelings towards him and wanted to know if he had any becuase by this stage we have only hugged and I didn't want to make a wrong move and kiss him or anything.

Anyway he told me he did but didn't want a relationship (so I took that as a no I just want to go and have sex with a bunch of girls). Our friends being practically the same people I went to sydney with them and he was acting odd and ignoring me the whole time then one of the nights there I stayed in one of the hotel rooms with him and the others and we cuddled the whole night so that confused me alot? I didn't initiate this, Like what the heck mixed signals much!

So then couple of weeks later of him being blunt to me I start to give up on even caring that much and his friend started chatting to me who is really sweet and nice to me and I think maybe this could go somewhere becuase he's genuine.

His friend invites me to a party where once again we all are at and we have a goodnight and I get given the spare bedroom to sleep in which the first guy I liked previously was going to stay in but ended up on the couch.

Mid of the night first guy comes in and cuddles with me in bed and our faces are really close and then he kisses me for the first time ever and now I'm confused as hell and feel like I've blown it becuase in the morning I was cuddling with him and his friend walks in to wake us up and sees that so now I think I've blown it with his friend that I could of had a relationship with becuase I was cuddling the guy I was originally talking to.

Is there anyway I can fix this, what should I do?


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  • What a mess. It really doesn't matter because the guy you want doesn't want a real relationship just free pussy


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