I was sitting at the bar with my boyfriend, and this happened?

So I was out with my boyfriend last week. We frequent this bar, and we know everyone there. My boyfriend has this... creepy friend... who is also usually there too. Now, I'm okay around him -- he hasn't really done anything to bother me, but I do kind of keep my guard up a bit. So, we were sitting at the bar and my boyfriend's friend came up started talking to us... okay cool. Then he put his arm around me -- okay, kind of weird but whatever. Then he started kissing my forehead and his breath smelled like pot, and I just kind of froze and didn't respond. And during all of this my boyfriend watched and did nothing. So when he took off, I calmly says we are leaving now. The boy and I naturally got into a slight argument over this -- he didn't understand what made me feel so uncomfortable, and didn't want to create a scene at the bar. Bull bloody shit in my opinion. Regardless of what his friend's intentions were with me, I felt so uncomfortable and I felt betrayed by my boyfriend for not trying to stop him. Now I know what you're all thinking -- it's totally my fault for not stopping him right? (Well that's what he kept telling me after.) We haven't spoken in a few days, I'm really upset that he just let his friend do that to me.

Everyone, what is your take on this?


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  • OMG people have like a 6th sense when it comes to danger and if you feel uncomfortable its good that you told him im totally on ur side