What does it mean when he stops calling?

When we first got together, we would communicate by text constantly, at least 15 texts between us everyday. We would talk twice a week. Last week, we talked on the phone everyday, even though I was away on holiday. Now that I'm back, he doesn't respond to my texts and sometimes he doesn't pick up my calls or calls back 24 hours later. I spent the night with him on Thursday and he told me that we need to start trusting each other and that he wants us to be exclusive. He called me on Friday but I was asleep and didn't pick up. I tried to return his call the next day but he didn't pick up. I finally texted him last night telling him his lack of communication is worrying me and that I just needed to know that he's alright. He responded saying he was with family and would call me when he's free. Today is Sunday afternoon - still no word from him! WHY? Have I done something wrong? We've been together for a month and a half.

oh and in that last text to me, he told me that he misses me... So why isn't he calling? Is he playing around?
Girls, thank you. Wish I could award both of you best answer. I rang him to call things off. He was upset, asked why and said I was giving HIM mixed signals and so he distanced himself. He felt like I wasn't into him. Told him he needs to make an effort
Girls, I saw him this past weekend from Fri to Sun. I had to leave to come back to London. Anyway, on Sunday, he told me he has kids. 3 kids! All under 4! He's only 30! I was so upset. I had to split up with him. Is that bad?


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  • Hmmm... you're relationship doesn't sound normal. It's too much texts and phone calls, but not enough face-to-face time. It seems to me that he disappears whenever he's preoccupied with anything. The fact that he can't involve you in his life is a very terrible sign.

    • You know what, you make a good point about not being involved in his life much but I do see him once a week because I live in London and he lives by the seaside so the distance is an issue. What's your advice? I have trust issues and he knows this. Do you think I should call him? And what should I say to him?

    • If I were you, I'd start building emotional distance between the 2 of us, rather than chase him down for answers. If he turns around and makes the extra effort to show his affections, great. If not, then you have your answer. Too many men keep their women on leashes by using this type of cyber contact. In fact, I know many men who use this ploy to keep multiple women!

  • This 'relationship' sounds very suspect. You see each other once a week and text most of the time. If he really misses you then nothing and no-one will stand in his way to 'see' u. Trust me love /lust or even just infatuation makes a person climb mountains and swim oceans. Taking a long distance drive to wherever to see you should not be an issue. Personally, I think he's playing u. Sorry GF, but you need to get rid of him or make him ur booty call.