What is the easiest way to find love in college?

I'm not sure if there are any genuine girls out there honestly. I go to a school where most girls just get drunk and hook up on the weekend and that's not what I'm interested in doing. How can I meet a girl that I can really have a meaningful relationship with, because my soul is craving that. Thanks.


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  • how to have love in college:
    step one : Be yourself
    Step two: Dress nice
    Step three: show off your smarts
    Step four: be respectful
    Step five: have high standards for yourself in dating
    Step six: not a lot of people are really looking for love in college, from my experiances, some just focus on their degree soooo love yourself !
    Step 7:Get that degree.. the degree drives women wild lol :P


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  • Join a club and meet a girl that way. Most people at parties are there to be loud or have sex.


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  • most girls just get drunk and hook up on the weekend, if you do same, you will get to know the girl. In the end these girl are regular people, not something wrong with them

  • Go to church