How does/Should a quiet introvert girl meet guys?

? I want to try out this dating thing, as I have never dated before nor been in a Relationship. Both, guys and girls, always say that I am cute and kind. However, one down side is that I am quiet. As for me, I don't usually open up to others until I get to know them. So, people generally see me as a quiet and shy girl.

I feel that due to my quietness, no guys ever come to talk to me. I also rarely party and drink, so that isn't a way to meet guys. The only time a guy would talk to me is if they need homework or something. It's actually quite sad.

So, my question is do guys actually like quiet girls? Why don't you guys ever approach us? How would I meet a decent guy?

P. S. I don't do flings, and am not easy. Some guys say that I am classy?


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  • Well I'm going to tell you I'm a introvert quiet guy myself but right now I'm going to do stuff I love to improve myself and that would a put a smile on my face and I'm straight and plan to go to beauty school and when I chose that I smiled.. doing what u enjoy would force you to smile and make you more approachable... your cute so u got that covered just focus on yourself for a little while especially if your in high school and or just out of high school so don't worry about guys cuz their still immature around that time... I'm rather focusing on my wife rather than a girlfriend and a boyfriend won't solve all your problems and don't fall for the words I LOVE YOU from a guy unless he's with u for than 3 years and or puts a ring on your finger... You just can't fall for a guys tricks... if you give your virginity to a jerk and leaves then you just set yourself up for heartbreak and your future husband will feel like you weren't thinking of him So Don't Worry About it OK !!!


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  • There are lots of places to meet guys besides bars and loud parties. Bookstores, gyms, churches, volunteering for organizations like Habitat for Humanity or CASA... if you are too shy to strike up a conversation with a new guy, you might just try smiling at a few and see where that gets you! :)


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  • I believe doing nothing results in nothing. You have to find a way to start communication. If you're more comfortable in a library then don't go to a night club where you're totally out of your element.


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