Guys, I "accidently" snooped on my boyfriend? Now I regret it?

I logged off of facebook on my phone but when I logged back on, it used my boyfriend's info from when he got on once. I don't know any of his passworda and l I have never been the type to snoop because I trust him. I clicked on messages before I even realized it was his (I was talking to an old highschool buddy prior) and i was about to log out when I saw it was his. Bit a message from is ex caught my eye and curiosity got the best of me and i read it. It was from a month ago and she asked if they could start over and he said "heck yeah!!! But I have to figure things out first." I confronted him about it through text since I work 3rd shift and he is asleep. Now I am wondering if I jumped the gun or if wanting to work it out makes me weak? Please give me your honest opinions!


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  • He most definitely has some explaining to do.

    • I just know he is going to focus on my snooping and going to to get defensive. I'm also afraid of what's going to come out of this... but yeah he has a lot of explaining.