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My boyfriend and I are having a kid together for one. He's 23 I'm 19I thought he was crazy about me the way he talks about me and I am his longest relationship and I also live with him but I am visiting my family for a couple weeks. I try to keep in contact with him wanting to just talk to him when I know he's off of work and ask him about his day and get to know him more everyday. But he only calls me when it's convenient for him. It's not like I don't give him space. I do because I know he's working and hanging out with friends. But a lot of the time he says he would call me then blows me off. It's everytime he says it and he won't call me from when he gets off of work at 8 til the next day. So all night he doesn't call me. Then when I used to try to call him he'd always say "my phones about to die" or "I'm tired". It bothers me because I'm not obsessed or anything it's just I want to talk to my boyfriend you know? Actually want to spend quality time and I don't know I just feel like he's taking advantage of me. But then I think maybe I'm overthinking. One day it's fine but if he says he would call and never does it's annoying. And sometimes it makes me question my trust for him. And I don't know what to do I've been there for him through a lot stood by him even when he went homeless a long time ago I went with him. I just don't know what to think of anything anymore.

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  • Since he is the father of your baby, he has an obligation to help out. I think right now he is just panicking about being a father and the life altering changes that he is about to encounter. I am sure at his age is not ready for this and would rather not deal with it. This is why he is being a total flake and spending time with this friends. Well, too bad, so sad for him! You might just have to step up a little here and be more assertive with him. It is hard to raise a baby on your own. Sounds like you are letting him slide away a bit here and it is time for you to reach out and snatch him back to reality.


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