Is it worth it to give someone a second chance?

About 3 months ago my boyfriend who was my very first boyfriend broke up with me. His reason was because he felt we rushed into the relationship and he didn't know me very well.(which could have easily been fixed if he just asked more questions about me) In total our relationship was only three months long. We are still friends and recently he told me that letting me go was the biggest mistake he made. He knows he was an asshole for breaking up with me with a weak excuse. He continues to tell me how he wish he could have a second chance but he knows he doesn't deserve it.

I still have feelings for him a bit. When I didn't see him over the summer I thought I was over him but when I saw him again it was a rush of memories. It hurt to see him with another girlfriend. Seeing them do things we use to do together. I feel like a bitch but when they broke up after a month of dating I was kinda happy because he deserved better (they broke up because she was clingy, gave him no privacy about the relationship like telling everyone how big his dick is as well as she didn't even have a direction in life or have any goals)

If I were to give him a second chance it wouldn't be right away. I would probably want to be friends for at least a year to make sure he is going to be serious this time. My friends all think he doesn't deserve a second chance. He didn't fuck up like cheat on me though, all he did wrong was break up with me impulsively. He even wears the friendship bracelet I made him for his birthday and gave it to him the day we broke up since his birthday was in a few days. I can't help but love that he started wearing it.

What do you guys think? Does he deserve a second chance or should we only be friends and nothing more?
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Has anyone given a S/O a second chance before? Do you regret it? Or are you happy you gave them that second chance?
Is it worth it to give someone a second chance?
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