Should I choice my mom oppion or go with my gut feeling (i know its long but please read and give me advice)?

So the other day at school my boyfriend taking about the hoco dance he had already asked me to but he kept saying he's not going to go for days so the day of the day of the last time we could buy are tickets he was like are u going I was like yeah probably. so after that I was going to go buy it he was like u sure u want to so I went home that day after school and planned on buying my ticket when I go to the game that my boyfriend said he would be be there cause he's plays on the football team but when I got to the game he wasn't there and he promised his whole team and me he would be there. so my friend has this girl from another school on snapchat gusse who was on that snapchat my boyfriend and that was his ex girlfriend. he even said he Dont talk to his ex cause when he does they always get back together. but I ended up missing the dance I had always wanted to go to cause he had my money to buy the tickets but my mom was like he's not ur type and he did promise u and everyone else what next going to happen I have a bad feeling about this boy and at that point I could say is I love him to much and I'm not going to end things cause I been hreatbroken to many times.

What if I feel mixed feelings about it?
Should I end things or no
Still need advice so help please y'all


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  • always your GUT FEELING
    god gifted women with 6th sense that helps them in chosing partner
    when in old days, its only GUT FEELING females used to mate with males...
    always follow your INSTINCTS, they are never wrong...


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