Why can't I break shyness?

I am super confident on most dates over the phone through texts but I get really self conscious in groups and among judging people

the thing I used to be shy in all situations. I don't know what I did to improve so much in certain areas it certainly wasn't pep talks or faking it until I made it however that I have a need to feel self conscious switch turndc off at some point in certain areas so

what did you do work out of your shyness?


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  • Sometimes you gotta push yourself into social gatherings (it is extremely uncomfortable at first) and then try not to judge other people (we all do it subconciously, even if we're shy, for exaple: oh these people are so social, I hate them). We believe that people judge us because we think that they think like us xD so if you dont judge, you'll think they dont judge either. Does that make sense?


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  • Instead of focusing on others judgment, you could focus on the interaction of the conversation.

    • Just remembered something I tell myself. The only person that judges me is me.

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