Sex or relationship?

This guy in my class says he's in love with me, and I'm in love with him too. We're kind of dating. we've only knows eatcother for 1 month and 2 weeks! And whenever we are hanging out, it ends up with us on the bed cuddling, not kissing on the lips, just hugging and spooning and stuff.. He calls me beautiful, and perfect.. But last time we met he starter to compliment my ass and boobs, and I was laying in his bed on my stomach, and he starter squeezing my ass, and starter messaging it. I didn't care because it felt nice, lol The same day, I laid on top of him and he started to look at my face and my boobs because he could. And a long story short, I tell him that I'm a stripper (we have a play at our school where he is a stripper :3) and he was like: You can strip for me, it's ok, and then laughed a bit. But I'm really scared he only plays with my heart to have sex with me.. He's a really nice guy and stuff, that why I like him. Guys, what does he want? Does he want sex or a relationship? I'm confused... by the way he's 16 and I'm 15(soon to be 16, only a few more weeks).


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  • A fake person will never invest their time and commitment to you, a real person will.

    And when I mean commitment, I don't necessarily mean a relationship. A commitment can also mean sacrifice, being there for you when it's not just convenient for them.

    I have a a pseudo-motto in life, "If you want to earn my trust, you better be ready to climb a very large skyscraper, that way, if you ever decide to backstab me and destroy my skyscraper of trust, you have a VERY long fall ahead of you."

    I'll have to rephrase that motto sometime but I hope you get the point. Make him EARN it, sweet and kind words are cheap, easily given. TIME and effort though? You can't fake that.


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