Does anyone here have any successful reconciliation stories?

If so, how long did it last?


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  • It depends on what you count as 'success'. 3 women have dumped me (I am assuming you mean lovers). The second came back 6 months- 1 year later, but the fact that we wanted to live in different places in the world re-surfaced, and we had a short fling, then we both moved. The first was in her party-phase years, and tried to come back after she had some health issued 2 years later, and I did not let her. The last was trying to string me along as a Plan B option, and I blocked her. The thing is, most always come back within 2 months to 7 years (even if you were a dick). The majority of the time, you won't want them back by then.

    • So most ex's who break-up with you.. come back sooner or later? Even if she's like 18/19?

    • Yeah, but you should try to move on. If she's 18/19, she'll get carried away with new things in college, and then perhaps, come back. Honestly, sometimes seeing another woman in the picture expedites things in reality: sad, but true.

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