Hey do you think asking a girl out for a drink through Facebook is okay?

I haven't spoke to this girl for 5 years (since we left college) however we are still friends on facebook. When we were at college I was dating someone so never took any interest however I was fairly sure she liked me. My thoughts are what harm is there in asking as I will never likely see her again in person however do you think 5 years is a bit to long to send a message out of the blue. Ps i know she is single


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  • I think it's ok. Maybe if you haven't talked in 5 years would be better to just say hi and have a small conversation asking how she is first, and then whne you talk to her again you can ask her out directly.


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  • Try not to do it trough an actual message bc I would find it creepy of someone did it trough message. But if you both have the messenger app call her. Just click the phone icon on the messenger app and call her to ask her if she'll like to go get a drink with you. But make sure to explain exactly who you are in the beggining of the call.


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